Coming Soon! The Mortalis: Beyond the Stars
Uncategorized / June 5, 2015

The Mortalis: Beyond the Stars The Ascended were not like the Mortalis. The Mortalis were flesh and blood with the ability to procreate.  Nevertheless, they were thought of as eternal, although they still depended on the life-enhancing plants to sustain their health.  On the other hand, the Ascended were transcendent and could move without the limitations of bodily hindrance.  They did not require the spaceships but could transfer at the speed of thought.  They did not procreate; they were immortal, and fitted for both realms, the natural as well as the supernatural.  Together the Mortalis and the Ascended enjoyed certain advantages.  Back on the New Earth they worked together, but here only a handful of teams of the Ascended had been sent ahead to prepare for the coming settlers.