Coming Soon! The Mortalis: Beyond the Stars
Uncategorized / July 17, 2015

By A.D. 3193, the Mortalis finished the last phases of preparation for travel to the stars. The population of New Earth had now reached unsustainable limits. The Ascended had already prepared for their arrival; their mission was to have the infrastructure ready and to maintain everything within sustainable limits. Their technology had evolved, and they were now ready to begin the next step in their progression. The first colony would number more than twenty thousand and included a small battalion of military—Black Warrior class descendants skilled in the deadliest art of battle. Now that the rebellions had ended, peace reigned supreme throughout the universe. No more death, no more tears; all was now new and everyone was eager to taste the fruits of The New Beginning . At the forefront was the escort ship Orion, a gleaming galactic cruiser, measuring some one hundred meters in span and capable of exceeding light speed by a factor of ten. It moved swiftly through the blackness of space like lightning falling from heaven.