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The Mortalis Series: Books 1-3

I received in the mail today the paperback version of The Mortalis Series: Books 1-3, and I must admit, I hesitate to reread all three of my novels. Why? The first reason is that I have proofread all three once before. I realize that when formatting, all sorts of errors can occur, mostly errors where dialog should be separated, but ran together. I’ve noticed that the paperback version could do with a couple of more pages, one blank, and also an overall title page. But the second reason is that this book is almost five hundred pages. The novels were not that extensive, in that most were a little over two hundred pages, but once all three were formatted together, it is now a pretty hefty read. The ebook version has been selling as a boxed set and has been out awhile, but the paperback should be out within the next month.

Will I write any more novels in the series? I don’t know. I had planned on writing a fourth one and name it, The Mortalis: Beyond the Realm. This would be another time travel book. ¬†They seem to be really popular nowadays, but actually I just love the main character, Marion. In this book, they would go back into the 1800’s to save her husband’s grandfather, the same individual she met in the second novel, Beyond the Cosmos. Otherwise, her family would cease to exist if he met an untimely demise at the hands of the dreaded Drauhn.

A fifth book might explore Marion’s desire to bring together all seven races into a galactic empire. In her mind, they need a strong leader that could wield the power to bring it into a cohesive whole. The name empire seems to hold a certain amount of ¬†fascination for me. The sixth in the series is up for debate since the Mortalis live forever, I guess I could just keep on writing forever.