Monthly Archives: April 2017

New Crosswords Puzzle Book

Just a few thoughts today: I’m still proofreading my last sci-fi volume, actually three books in one.  It’s hard to proofread again and again, but I did find a major problem in that the first book in the trilogy was not justified correctly whereas the last two were. But that’s not big a problem. I should be through with it sometime by the end of next month.

Secondly, I’ve put together a crosswords puzzle book to join my other puzzle books. I thought this one would be hard to finish, but once I figured how to adjust the software, I finished the book in about three days. Createspace is sending me a proof now, so I should have it on Amazon by the end of next week.  I really like working with graphics, albeit simple ones to be sure. I hope one day to be able to afford a copy of Photoshop and Illustrator.  I would probably have to take a course to learn it though.  Even is hard for me to master.

If anyone is reading this out there, have a great week, and please, think about the times that we’re living in. We’re quickly hastening to the end of the age and we all need to examine ourselves and our relationship with the Almighty.  Thanks for listening, and, keep looking up 🙂