Coming Soon! The Mortalis: Beyond the Cosmos (Vol. 2)
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According to Lieutenant O’Quinn, they would be traveling from Denver to Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. Before he placed the train ticket in his pocket, Marion caught the date—September 1870. She also knew that she would have to try to escape or else she might spend the rest of her life in some obscure prison cell. According to the lieutenant, Fort Leavenworth was the intelligence center for western expansion. That meant questions, lots of questions.  

Coming Soon! The Mortalis: Beyond the Stars
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By A.D. 3193, the Mortalis finished the last phases of preparation for travel to the stars. The population of New Earth had now reached unsustainable limits. The Ascended had already prepared for their arrival; their mission was to have the infrastructure ready and to maintain everything within sustainable limits. Their technology had evolved, and they were now ready to begin the next step in their progression. The first colony would number more than twenty thousand and included a small battalion of military—Black Warrior class descendants skilled in the deadliest art of battle. Now that the rebellions had ended, peace reigned supreme throughout the universe. No more death, no more tears; all was now new and everyone was eager to taste the fruits of The New Beginning . At the forefront was the escort ship Orion, a gleaming galactic cruiser, measuring some one hundred meters in span and capable of exceeding light speed by a factor of ten. It moved swiftly through the blackness of space like lightning falling from heaven.  

Coming Soon! The Mortalis: Beyond the Stars
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The Mortalis: Beyond the Stars The Ascended were not like the Mortalis. The Mortalis were flesh and blood with the ability to procreate.  Nevertheless, they were thought of as eternal, although they still depended on the life-enhancing plants to sustain their health.  On the other hand, the Ascended were transcendent and could move without the limitations of bodily hindrance.  They did not require the spaceships but could transfer at the speed of thought.  They did not procreate; they were immortal, and fitted for both realms, the natural as well as the supernatural.  Together the Mortalis and the Ascended enjoyed certain advantages.  Back on the New Earth they worked together, but here only a handful of teams of the Ascended had been sent ahead to prepare for the coming settlers.

Dark Force Invasion
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Dark Force Invasion by Larry Cockerham Scientists aboard the deep-space vessel COBE discover a complex of subterranean tunnels on the planet Omicron-2, located deep within the Cygnus region.  When they track a mysterious craft to the distant Leland system, they uncover an alien species intent on depleting the resources of the planet using forced labor.  As the Galactic Federated Systems (GFS) battles to regain the system, Dr. Ken Ferguson and Lt. Carla Roessler find themselves becoming deeply attracted to each other.  Part III opens with an expeditionary task force bent on destroying the aliens in their own home system along with the liberation of the remaining captives.       Buy Now – $14.95 (Paperback)       Kindle Version $2.99

Revelation: Prophetic Addresses to the Seven Churches
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Revelation: Prophetic Addresses to the Seven Churches by Larry W. Cockerham Originally published in 1995 this work focuses primarily on the seven churches of Revelation. These letters describe the conditions that existed during the time of John’s writing and were local assemblies located in Asia Minor. The letters reveal their representative nature as well as seven periods or ages existing from Pentecost till the end of the church era. The association or parallelism between the seven churches and the seven parables of Matthew 13 plus the mysteries of the Bible are compared. Chapters concerning the long-awaited rapture of the church, the judgment seat of Christ and the marriage supper of the Lamb is explored. From there the church journeys to its final destination, the celestial city of the New Jerusalem. BUY NOW – $12.60 From Amazon  (Paperback) Kindle Version $3.49