Kindle eBook, Dark Force Invasion, Is Now Free To Download

June 8, 2017

For a limited time only, my oldest novel, Dark Force Invasion, is free to download at Amazon and most of the other retailers. Just click the link
below and you’ll be at the page for my book at the Amazon website.  You
can download to your Kindle device from there or your favorite retailer. You’ll be doing me a huge favor because it should help my ebook rise to the top of the “free” offerings. Therefore, giving more people an opportunity to read this science fiction and fantasy space opera. An even
bigger favor would be an honest review–nothing fancy–just your heartfelt opinion about how you liked or disliked the story.  I’d be
eternally grateful.

Barnes and Noble
Amazon (USA)
Amazon (UK)
Amazon (CA)
Amazon (AUS)



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