Wonder Woman (2017) – Movie review
Uncategorized / February 12, 2018

We finally have a Wonder Woman movie. Of course just to clarify, she already appeared in Batman v Superman, there’s a Wonder Woman TV series in the 70’s starring Lynda Carter, and also in the 70’s there was a pilot, for another series starring Cathy Lee Crosby. There was an animated Direct-to-video Wonder Woman movie in 2009, and the character appeared in MANY other animated films and TV series, but she’s been largely missing in today’s trend of super heroes and now, FINALLY, she’s represented in a stand-alone, live action film. and the wait, was worth it because, it’s really good! The plot is much more focused than many of the other super hero movies today. It’s not like Batman v Superman where they jam packed so many different characters and storylines that, it became a complete mess. It seemed like DC was just trying to hurry up to get to Justice League, because Marvel already did The Avengers twice, and has, just been running circles around DC. So, they tried to do too much at once. I was worried that they were going to skip straight to Justice League, so I’m really glad they stopped to dedicate a whole…

A New Year to Think About
Uncategorized / February 8, 2017

I’ve been working on several books at the moment.  I just finished a small booklet that ran about 54 pages.  This was the beginning of a series of non-fiction books that are concise and easy to read.  This one only takes about an hour to read.  I’d like to write several more. As far as The Mortalis Series, I’m still waiting for my editor to finish formatting my three novels into one large three-in-one book.  I’ve already placed it as a boxed set on Kindle.  Will I write another in the series?  I don’t know.  I do have a plot for the fourth novel, more of a time travel adventure for sure. But, for the time being I’m taking a novel writing course, so I’d like to finish a few of these before tackling this fourth novel.  I’ve mostly written by the seat of my pants so far.  I realize that I need a beginning, middle, and ending, but that’s about as technical as I get. Well, thanks for stopping by. I’ll be posting my latest booklet at the end of this post, so, check it out, and keep looking up 🙂 [amazon_link asins=’B01N0YLLXW’ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’prophecyfor03-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’d51c9d89-ee77-11e6-8221-a7389ffcebbb’]