The Mortalis: Beyond the Realm (Book 4 in the Mortalis Series)

I’m getting ready to begin writing my fourth book in the Mortalis series, although I was hoping to finish a creative writing course before I started. This would help with several areas that I’m weak
in; such as, characterization, plotting, and description.

This novel will focus heavily on time travel. It seems when I recently advertised on Amazon marketing, the keyword “time travel”  outdid the other keywords many times over.  It was in the thousands as compared to the hundreds with the other better keywords. Not that this is my only focus as I had already determined the main plot of the novel.

Of course, this involves the old paradox that if someone goes back in time and kills my grandfather would I cease to exist? Obviously, Commander Marion’s enemies think so, because this is what they are endeavoring to do: kill her husband’s grandfather, Thomas Conrad.

But by this time, Commander Marion and the Mortalis have had a growth spurt over the years. While they have increased in height to nearly seven feet, their hair has also turned completely white. Sort of hard to hide amidst the general populace. So they have to take more precautions as far as visibility, but they must also realize the urgency in finding their target before the dreaded Drauhn eliminate him.

This time I want to do a better job of plotting this novel. So, I’ve tried to find every article and chart available on the subject.  Hopefully, by the end of the year, I will have finished the story and added it to my other three in the series.