Two New Novels Coming Soon!

October 3, 2017

I’m excited to announce two new novels that will be coming out within the next month: The Mortalis: Beyond the Realm, the fourth novel in The Mortalis Series; and, a thriller/horror novel, which so far I haven’t settled on a name.

The sci-fi novel continues the odyssey of Marion, the Supreme Commander of the Mortalis. She returns to the nineteenth century to find her husband’s grandfather before her enemies locate him. If they do, and kill him, her whole family, according to the grandfather paradox , would cease to exist.

The thriller/horror novel has been an idea that I’ve had for many years. It starts with three teams of volcanologists who are tasked with monitoring a volcano on an uncharted island in the Indonesian archipelago. After a series of strong earthquakes, a cave opens up giving an avenue of escape for vicious demons to possess and attack some of the local villagers. They also attack the three teams giving rise to several nights of unprecedented terror until those that remain finally escape the island.

My editor is finishing the edit on the first novel and should begin on the thriller/horror manuscript in the next week or so.  I believe that the second novel will be well received as I’ve done a tremendous amount of research on the island nation of Indonesia as well as volcanos and other related themes.  As a pastor, I’ve known for many years that the theory of the Nephilim in the Book of Genesis is one of the origins of demons mentioned in the New Testament. Therefore, this truth makes the story all the more terrifying, as truth is stranger than fiction.





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